2019-06-19T04:24:15+08:00June 19th, 2019|Article|

Sinclair Technologies was a part of Talley’s annual CONNECT wireless event that was hosted at their new Dallas facility on June 6, 2019. This was a great opportunity to network with leading professionals, guest speakers, and attend application presentations specific to the commercial wireless industry. Besides getting a chance to showcase our new products and next-gen technology, this was an opportunity to engage with 30+ industry-leading manufactures and the Texas State Wireless Association and discuss communication solutions for applications like Macrocell, C-RAN Small Cell, Distributed Antenna, Public Safety, Land Mobile Radio, Microwave, and SCADA.

Besides networking, an important aspect of the event was education and next-gen wireless communication products. The panel discussion on Network Evolution: 5G in 2020 and Beyond, Mobile Tech Tour Trailer and workshop on Fiber Inspection and Cleaning was insightful and informative. There were wireless-focused discussions on the evolution of networks from 4G LTE, the path to 5G and its relation to IoT, and machine-to-machine (M2M) creation of a network of networks.

Sinclair showcased a number of antenna and RF signal conditioning products at Talley CONNECT 2019. Visitors were extremely impressed with the Aurora Series of collinear omni-directional base station antennas, especially the SC346 in 450 to 470 MHz since it was lighter, PIM rated and featured impeccable technical specifications compared to others in the industry. Most Talley personnel and visitors were aware of our SM601 and SM701 TRANSeon Series of mobile antennas that were launched during IWCE. There was also some interest in Sinclair’s SY350 and SY450 ABK Yagi antennas, and many visitors, dealer and tower crew personnel commended it’s wide-band feature, rugged construction, sleek black coating and how well it was made.

Sinclair networked with many organizations and agreed the need of the hour is antennas that can last for years in the most challenging environments. Armed with case studies and live examples, we demonstrated ideal Sinclair solutions for a variety of applications and queries from visitors. We thank Talley for an opportunity to display our unbeatable, heavy-duty antennas with the enhanced wind ratings and look forward to the next event.