Sinclair New Products2019-10-30T08:00:23+08:00

Aurora™ – collinear omni antenna
Radiant™ – Panel Antenna
INTELLITUNE™ – Auto Tunable Combiner
SI300 In-building Antenna
EXCELSIOR™ – Upgraded Whip Antenna
MD Moblie Duplexer

Product Video

Sinclair Technologies has launched a large number of new products this year, available from low band into the GHz ranges. Sinclair’s industry leading designs set the standard for quality, innovation and durability. With over 60 years of communications experience on a global scale, we have the product line and technical experience to keep your communications running smoothly in multiple field scenarios including: public safety, utilities, transportation, in-building, enterprise, 5G, V2X communications etc.


Sinclair transportation antennas support multiple services including PTC, LTE, WiFi, WiMax, LMR, Cellular services and GPS.