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Sinclair Technologies works closely with its partners and distributors all over the world. Sinclair exhibited at the PMRExpo 2019, which ran from Nov 26 – 28 in Cologne, Germany. PMRExpo is the leading European trade fair for Professional Mobile Radio and Control Rooms. An extensive conference and special presentations complemented the international trade show.

The trade fair and its accompanying three-day programme of presentations is continually developing. The same applies to its intersectoral subjects, the range of exhibitors and the service. Sinclair joined the presentations, discussions and interactive contributions and shed light on the future of Public Safety communications, wireless infrastructure, PMR and control centres.

At the booth, Sinclair featured the newly-launched INTELLITUNE auto-tunable combiner and the signature Aurora collinear antennas. The auto tunable combiner is designed with high unloaded quality factor, wide tuning range, high linearity, high power handling capability, lightweight, compact form factors, and outstanding reliability. Visitors loved the fact that the INTELLITUNE’s remote control and system monitoring are supported via Ethernet/IP connection. Most of the booth visitors who witnessed the INTELLITUNE demo found the product very useful, innovative for their applications. Sinclair received quite a few visitors’ inquiries for the Aurora series of collinear omni antennas for large opportunities in the European region. Designed to international standards (IEC62305 Part 1-4 and VDE 0855-300) and fulfilling the requirements of lightning protection class II, the Aurora SC series is rugged, fully DC-grounded and protected with a lightning spike through the top of the radome.

The show had a consistent stream of visitors representing European, Middle Eastern, and Australiasian markets.

PMRExpo 2019 truly was an interesting event for all critical communications professionals, which brought together the whole industry together under one roof to drive innovation and knowledge exchange. We look forward to meeting you next year at PMRExpo 2020.