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CUSTOM Systems

System Solutions that Deliver Results

With  tower space at a premium and frequency congestion on the increase, many  communications projects have turned into complex systems that demand high  levels of isolation and interference protection. In order to offer total  solutions to our customers, Sinclair Technologies provides Systems Engineering  Services from our offices in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K.

Sinclair’s  Systems Engineers are skilled at providing custom designed antenna and RF  filter systems that meet unique customer requirements. If your system requires  several transmitters and/or receivers to be connected to a single antenna, we  will design a combining system to meet this need. If you have a frequency  interference problem, we can design a practical and cost effective solution to  reduce or eliminate the interference. Whatever your antenna system needs are,  from the simple to the complex, Sinclair can provide the equipment and the  expertise to make it work.

Our  Systems Engineers choose components from an extensive array of rugged and  reliable products from Sinclair and from a wide range of 3rd party component  manufacturers, ensuring that your system is designed for maximum efficiency at  minimum cost. Customers have a choice of rack mount or wall mount systems  depending on site requirements.

Each  system design is unique to the specifications provided by the customer and is  cataloged under a special  system number.  Customers are able to re-order the same system or modify the system if  requirements change. The same high performance specs are repeatable and all  systems shipped include Sinclair’s full warranty.

Custom System Design