With over 60 years of transportation communications experience on a global scale, Sinclair has the product line and technical experience to keep your communications running smoothly. Many of Sinclair’s antennas are low profile for discreet implementation and can fit into virtually any type of land mobile, transit, or transport vehicles. These antennas are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions anywhere in the world ensuring there is no service interruption. Sinclair antenna and filter products provide solutions for data collection, tracking and controlling on a real-time basis, and supporting multiple services.


Public Transportation Solutions

Our extensive line of automotive antennas range from covert, low profile models to versatile units to connect your entire transport fleet. The SM Series antennas have been deployed successfully in massive urban rail and automotive transit companies.

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Rail Solutions

Sinclair’s rail antennas are built to operate in extreme conditions like harsh weather, high-speed travel, and vibration. Sinclair is the inventor of the Excaliber model of rail antennas which are recognized as the standard component for railway communications worldwide. Sinclair maintains the dominant position by supplying the ST Series antennas in large-scale railway communication systems worldwide.

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Aviation Solutions

For aviation requirements, Sinclair has developed a line of rugged and durable collinear, dipole, and base station antennas, as well as combining and multicoupling solutions perfect for any airborne application.

Lastly, each antenna is highly configurable depending on the application requirement. Sinclair’s engineering design team can customize a communications solution for even the most difficult transportation application.

Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Solutions

Sinclair Technologies understands how important reliability and durability are for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) market application employing the V2X-DSRC technology. Sinclair offers a wide product portfolio of state-of-the-art mobile antennas designed to achieve optimal signal reception and reliable communication in transportation and traffic management systems.

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CASE STUDY: Sinclair Helps NAV CANADA Safely Move Millions of Aircraft

Updated: 04/28/2017

In 2005, NAV CANADA’s radar coverage of Hudson Bay was limited to line-of-sight (LOS) and did not cover the entire Hudson Bay area. The Company used VHF communication sites around Hudson Bay and HF communications for areas that were […]

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